For Desktop Clients

NSave Highlights and Features

  • Unlimited data storage for up to 4 devices per account using MyUNL authentication
  • All file types are included with the following exceptions-Read our retention policy
  • Storage offsite in CrashPlan's cloud storage

Send your question to, and we will provide you with the information you need. 

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What Happens if I Lose Everything on My Computer?

If you have some type of failure that causes you to lose everything on your computer, you simply need to re-install your operating system, install your programs and then fire up NSave to restore your data files. For a small fee, Information Technology Services can provide assistance to you on all aspects of recovering from this complete failure if your department does not have anyone to assist you.

How Long are Backup Files Kept?

  • Files deleted on a device are kept for six months
  • Limited versions of files are stored for up to 90 days

How Often Can I Backup My Computer?

Your files are backed up continuously in the background when your computer is on and connected to the UNL network. 

Can I Use NSave to Backup our Department's Server?

Yes, but we are using a different solution specifically designed for servers. Please contact the NSave Support Specialist at 472-6843 for details.


How Easy is NSave to Install?

Information Technology Services has put together a small installation manual with step-by-step installation instructions, complete with color snapshots of how each installation screen should look at each step. If you decide you would rather hire someone to do the installation for you, the NSave Support Specialist will do the installation for a flat fee of $10 per computer.

How Secure are Your Files?

NSave is a very secure system. All files sent from your computer to the backup server are encrypted before they leave your computer. 

Network Connectivity

NSave using CrashPlan transfers your data files to the backup site across the UNL Computing Network via Internet2. Your computer simply needs to be connected to the network through either a 10Mb or 100Mb Ethernet connection. If you are located off campus (county extension office, research center, ....), you should contact us to verify that your facilities network connection to UNL is sufficient for this purpose.

How Fast Will it Take to Backup Your Computer?

The first time you backup your computer, a full backup will take place. The time to complete will vary depending on the size of the data. After this initial backup, only changed files will be backed up which decreases the back up time. 

How Long Will it Take to Restore Needed Files?

A typical restore of a few files takes just several minutes. If you have suffered a complete failure of your computer and need everything back, it may take hours to restore the needed data files.

Is There a Fee Charged for This Program?

Yes. While Information Services has taken every step to keep costs to a minimum, there is a $5/month fee for each account using up to 4 devices 

EMail Updates to All NSave Participants

Each NSave subscriber will be added to an electronic mailing list. Daily statuses are available. Through this list, we will keep you advised of changes to the program, software updates, and other important information as the need arises.