Service Level Agreement

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UNL ITS C&O Service Level Agreement: NSave Desktop Backup Program

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UNL ITS C&O Service Level Agreement: NSave Desktop Backup Program
Client/Customer: NSave Desktop Backup Program Subscriber
Service Provider: UNL Information Services Revision (V4) Date: 01/13/15
Contact info: NSave Support Specialist, 402-472-6843,

Program Intent:
The N-Save Desktop Backup Program is a service offered to provide fast and convenient backup and recovery of files stored on a typical office computer (not a server). Self-service backup is available 24/7. Self service restoration is available 24/7, given automatic or manual backup occurred, an acceptable (client provided) computer with NSave backup software installed, myunl\AD username and password, and the NSave server are available. Typical server availability is 99.9+%
There is no data storage limit and no file exclusions. The number of completed backups determines file version(s) available for recovery. See Detail Specifications for number of versions and length of retention. Contact NSave Support Specialist, 472-6843, for assistance during normal working hours M-F. Information Services Helpdesk 472-3970 can be contacted after-hours for client support and will be provided on a best effort basis.
Client/Customer Responsibility:
Verify operating system and device meet minimum requirements. Sign up for program via, self install NSave Client, or arrange for NSave Support Specialist to install. Take corrective action when notified scheduled backup did not occur or insure timely manual backups are completed. Contact NSave Support Specialist for assistance or if difficulties applying self-service.
Program Fees:
Self service installation of NSave Client $0, Custom NSave install by Support Specialist $10, one-time fee. The cost per account is $6.50 a month which is billed to the cost center number provided when you signed up for the service. The cost will show on your monthly phone bill received from Telecommunications and is subject to change following approved service center rates. If you requested to pay for the service directly without a cost center number, please note, there is an additional cost of $1.00 a month to prepare a bill and have it sent to you.

Program Renewal/Termination:
The NSave service will continue until written notification requesting termination is provided to the NSave Administrator from you by either campus mail or email. Program fee or other changes will be communicated prior to activation.

Detail Specifications:
Number of backups and length of retention:

The backup software runs in the background when your computer is on and connected to the UNL network. There will be 7 daily backups, 12 weekly backups and one 6 month backup. Once the file is removed/deleted from the client’s computer, NSave will maintain the most recent backup version for 180 days.

Program Administration:

NSave Administrators will maintain the NSave server 24 hours a day 7 days a week. NSave Administrators will assist with client issues during normal University operating hours. Information Services Helpdesk 472-3970 or toll-free (866) 472-3970 can be contacted after-hours for client support and will be provided on a best effort basis. The data is stored in the cloud which is located in Code 42’s data center. While every attempt is made to ensure Client NSave files are always available, no guarantee is made and any “super critical” files should (also) be backed up and stored off site through a different program.

Scalability: Not Applicable

SLA Goal:

This Agreement’s primary goal is to obtain mutual agreement on procedures and requirements, and ensure that service levels are in place for the Service Provider(s) to provide consistent service delivery and support to the Customer/Client. Agreement objectives are to:

•Clarify service ownership, accountability, roles and/or responsibilities.

•Present a clear, concise and measurable description of services, cost and billing options offered to the Customer/Client.

•Match perceptions of expected service offerings with actual service support and delivery.




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