Server Backup Frequently Asked Questions

The following topics should provide you additional insight into how NSave is setup to operate at UNL, allowing you to decide if this backup program is right for you. If you have additional questions not answered below, feel free to send your question to, and we will provide you with the information needed.

What Computing Platforms are Supported by NSave?

NSave supports a wide variety of operating systems; AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Macintosh, Sun Solaris, True 64 Unix, Windows Server.

What happens if I Lose Everything on the Server?

This service is not for disaster recovery purposes. If you have some type of failure that causes you to lose everything on your server, you will need to re-install your operating system, re-install your programs and then use NSave to restore your data files.

How Long are Backup Files Kept?

We can customize the length of time to store your data files to meet your needs.

Are Multiple Copies of the Same File Kept?

The software can be configured to store more than one copy of files for the opportunity to restore older versions. This will effect the amount of storage space that your server occupies which could increase your monthly cost so you will want to consider this when deciding the number of stored copies.

How Easy is NSave to Install?

Information Technology Services will provide you with a link to download the software for installation.

How Long Will it Take to Backup?

This depends on the speed of your network connection, if you have a 100Mb connection it will be faster then a 10Mb connection. If this is the first backup, then all your data files are backed up and it can take a considerable amount of time. After the first initial backup all the following backups are incremental greatly reducing the backup time.

Is There a Fee Charged for this Program?

Yes. The fee is based on how much storage space is being used. The cost is $0.13 a giga byte per month of storage space plus a $5.00 a month license fee per client.

What's Available for Long Term Storage?

There is a feature in the software that allows the client to archive files indefinitely.